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Marine & RV

Marine & RV

Marine noise can be extremely annoying and reduce the enjoyment of any voyage. Dynamat marine soundproofing products can efficiently reduce noise at the source, such as: engine room, generators, structural vibration, wave slap, and thrusters. This noise migrates into the cabins, deck areas and other structures.

Understanding whether the application calls for damping, decoupling, blocking or isolation of the noise source leads us to use either Dynamat Xtreme, Dynapad, Hoodliner, Dynabox or a combination to tackle the problem.

The high sound damping capability of Dynamat Xtreme offers unrivalled reductions in structure-borne noise. Instead of attempting to contain the unwanted noise, eliminating the vibration stops the noise at the source- whether it be generator housing or interior paneling. Where it is necessary to block noise, the addition of Dynapad or Hoodliner can tackle hard-to-contain, low frequency drone from the bulkhead. This noise usually migrates to the upper saloon deck floors above the engine room, creating a noisy and uncomfortable environment to relax in.The entertainment systems aboard yachts, motorboats and RVs can create migrated noise on the other side of a panel or through enclosed chambers in which Dynabox is used. The unique design of Dynabox allows for retro-fit installation housing the speaker, allowing it to perform to its potential and eliminating conducted sound to other cabins.
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SKU: 10455
Contents: (9) 18"x 32" (457mm x 812mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme.
SKU: 11905
he Hoodliner's "Sound Soaker" foam absorbs engine noise, delivering a quieter listening environment in your vehicle. In addition, the Hoodliner reflects up to 97% of radiant heat to protect the hood's paint finish.
SKU: 21100
DynaPad Contains: 54 inch x 32 inch (813mm x 1372mm) 3/8 inch thick four-part composite with 1lb per square foot barrier material (12 square feet total)
SKU: 10465
Contents: (9) 24"x 48" (609mm x 1219mm) sheets of Dynamat Xtreme
SKU: 50306
DynaBox is a unique retrofittable ceiling speaker enclosure that completely encases the speaker, projecting more clear sound into the room and maximizing your speaker output. DynaBox reduces sound migration between rooms, ceilings and floors.
SKU: 11902
DynaCore One Inch Black Thermo- Acoustic Fiber
SKU: 11901
DynaCore Half Inch Black Thermo- Acoustic Fiber

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